Barbara Mulit

Obituary of Barbara C. Mulit

Barbara’s legacy to others was her love, kindness and support to family, friends and her daily interactions with others. She was an incredibly kind and considerate person. Her family benefitted greatly as children, spouses, grandchildren and great grandchildren witnessed what a love-first and consideration-first life looks like. One of her Son-in-Laws perhaps said it best for the family over twenty years ago – Barbara is an American treasure.

Barbara, married to Donald Mulit for 57 years prior to his passing, had two children – Donna and David. Donna’s family includes spouse Tom Tabuchi, Granddaughter Naomi Hull (spouse Jeff Saccomano) and Grandson Brad Hull (spouse Jennifer Hull). Great Grandchildren include Siena, Olivia and Kailey. David’s family includes spouse Cynthia Mulit, Grandson Matthew Mulit (spouse Liza Mulit) and Granddaughter Ashley Hill (spouse Patrick Hill). Great Grandchildren include Aria and one-on-the-way.

Having lived to be over 101 years of age, Barbara saw much in her life that included both the good and difficult times that the spectrum of life has to offer. Throughout it all, she graciously demonstrated on a daily basis what perseverance and a positive outlook on life can represent. One of Barbara’s favorite phrases was “It will all work out”.

Barbara had many friendships and rarely had a bad thing to say about anyone – she believed the best in people and preferred to be supportive of their making positive efforts. To family, Barbara had perfected the fine art of nurturing others. It was both noticed and appreciated by all of us. In this regard, Barbara was a teacher in human kindness.

As she grew older various caregivers began to play a larger role in Barbara’s daily life. Her authentic-self continued to shine. Despite feeling considerable pain and physical limitations as she aged, her love-first and consideration-first spirit never dimmed. She continued to be a positive force to family, friends and to her caregivers. Barbara was loved and will be missed by many. We are all thankful to have known her.

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