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Obituary of Mark Cozart

Mark Owen Cozart was born on February 12, 1964 in Pueblo, Colorado to Curtis Wayne Cozart and Carol Irene Cozart. He passed away suddenly from a cardiac event on November 25, 2023. He was only 59 years of age.

Mark is survived by his loving wife Lisa Stafford Cozart, his sons Thomas and Samuel, his mother Carol Cozart, his brothers Curtis, Jeffrey, and Michael, and many, many loyal friends and extended family members.

Mark was a teacher by vocation and sometimes by occupation. He loved working with youth. He had a unique ability to coach them to develop skills, while at the same time discovering the value within themselves. After graduating from Colorado State University, he worked on a wagon train with troubled teens, walking and riding across the United States. He then worked in Lamar, Colorado at a middle school before moving to Tacoma, Washington where he worked at private schools, coached sports, and led summer and afterschool programs. He had a remarkable ability to coach and could identify the little changes a person could make that would result in increased performance.

While he was in Washington, he met and fell in love with Lisa Stafford who was teaching at the same school. Mark and Lisa moved to Denver to raise their children. Thomas and Samuel became Mark’s primary focus and he devoted much of his time and attention to teaching and coaching them. The boys had the benefit of a father who knew how to help them excel with school, sports, and music, and was willing to pour himself out for them. To say he was an exemplary father is an understatement.

Recently, Mark had been working at Amazon where he continued to be a coach and mentor, helping people perform at their best at work.

When he wasn’t teaching, Mark enjoyed spending time with family and friends. He demonstrated exceptional loyalty and service. In recent years he would often be found at his mother’s home taking care of her needs like lawn mowing, snow shoveling, tree trimming, and other household maintenance. His friendships were lifelong, and his friends all knew that Mark would do anything for them.

Mark’s pastimes included watching and participating in sports like bicycling, skiing, and sailing. He loved human performance, and loved sports that were deeply rooted with the earth. He also enjoyed playing the trumpet and had a special connection with music. He was a craftsman and loved working with wood. Many homes in the Denver area have stone countertops and cabinets that were crafted by Mark.

Mark contributed to all our lives with his loyal service and his gentle encouragement. His primary goal was to help others be their best. He will be remembered by people across the country as a person who made a difference in their lives.

A memorial service is planned for Monday, December 18, 2023 at 11:00 am at Saint James Episcopal Church in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Details can be found at

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