Luke Olmsted
Luke Olmsted
Luke Olmsted

Obituary of Luke Anthony Olmsted

Luke Anthony Olmsted passed away on the afternoon of August 31, 2023, after a long and difficult hospital stay. 

Luke was born 12 weeks premature in June of 1997. Luke spent the first several weeks of his life in the NICU at Lutheran Hospital and eventually came home on his father Mark’s birthday. What a wonderful gift. Luke was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. Luke was non-verbal and confined to a wheelchair, but that did not stop him from enjoying life to the fullest. Luke enjoyed multiple activities including swimming, hiking, skiing, boating, watching sports and participating in marathons. From the very beginning of Luke’s life his Mom and Dad would take him on long walks that later he fondly called “hiking.”  Luke also loved swimming at the local recreation centers and participated in warm water pool therapy with his beloved therapist Marta. Luke loved nature and had his first experience winter camping at 1 year old, much to the dismay of his Mamaw. Since age 6 Luke has been skiing with the NSCD and the BOEC Ski Programs. He always had amazing instructors that honored his love of skiing fast. For over 10 years our annual family vacation has been to Grand Lake where we pontoon boat, fish on Lake Granby and spend time with treasured family and friends. Luke was an avid CSU Rams football fan and attended many games in Fort Collins since he was a toddler.  Luke enjoyed friends and family on those beautiful and sometimes very cold game days…not even a snowstorm deterred Luke from wanting to watch his Rams play a complete 4 quarters.  Luke also completed six half marathons in the Denver and Boulder areas with Lakewood Police Officer, Detective Jesus “Moose” Chavez and West Metro fire fighter, Dan Fahrney. These races were great days with Luke’s Dad, Sister, Cousins, and Uncles following the path on bikes to various locations to cheer on Luke and Moose. During one marathon race the East High School cheerleader squad did a special cheer for Luke as he went by; he loved that. 

Luke had an infectious smile and shared it freely with others. He always lived in the moment and had a happy and calming nature about him. Luke was loved by many, and he loved them in equal measure.  Luke was slow to anger, quick to forgive and steadfast in seeing the beauty in others. 

As Luke grew older, he sustained several prolonged hospital stays, which involved major surgeries. With each hospital stay, his spirit remained strong, but his body continued to decline. The most recent hospital stay would prove to be his last. Luke endured multiple complications until he passed in the care of the Collier Hospice Care Center. 

Luke is survived by his Mother Gretchen, Father Mark and Sister Kacy. In addition, Luke is survived by Grandma, Papaw, five Uncles, six Aunts and eleven Cousins. 

We will all miss Luke greatly and so thankful that we were graced having such a beautiful person as part of our lives. There were many challenges, but no doubt Luke was a wonderful gift from God and will always live in our hearts. 






Celebration of Life 

Monday, Oct. 16th @ 2 pm 

@ the Red Barn Group Picnic area 

9467 Drew Hill Road 

Golden,  80403 

Parking is limited; we encourage you to carpool. Entry into park requires a state park pass. Daily passes cost $10 and can be purchased @ the Visitor’s Center. Reception and catered BBQ to follow. 

We have set up memorial funds in Luke’s name to support The Evergreen Recreation INSPIRE program which Luke attended for many years and the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC)where Luke skied. See the information below.  


Evergreen Recreation Inspire Program - 


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