Louis Martin
Louis Martin
Louis Martin

Obituary of Louis Cecil Martin

Louis Cecil Martin passed away on May 25, 2023 from heart and kidney failure.  He was a loving husband and widower, which was 19 days shy of celebrating his 52nd wedding anniversary with Donna Marie Martin before she passed away on 11-01-2017.   They were blessed with three children; Christopher Scott Martin (married to Dawn Martin with two children-Jamie Erin Martin and Christina Rose Martin), Patricia Lynn Martin (passed away on 08-06-2020-married to Leslie William Chisum with two children-Faith Nicole Romero and William Martin Chisum) and Kellie Marie Crouse (married to Jason Douglass Crouse with two children-Blake Douglass Crouse and Jason Junior Crouse).   He was born in Rochester, PA on November 21, 1942 and was raised in West Bridgewater, PA by his parents, Louis Alfred Valentine Martin and Florence Marie Martin. He ventured out into the world at a very young age where he found himself living for a short time in Great Falls, MT and Seattle, WA before he settled down in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado. He voluntarily signed up for the Vietnam War, where he stayed stateside as a medic for returning wounded soldiers.  He was not only a dedicated husband and father, but also a company man.  He retired from AT&T as a communications engineer after 39 1/2 years of service.  His passions included anything electronic from boats, cars, and planes to just sitting peacefully watching the lakes and rivers flow. His deep love for animals knew no bounds, often taking in the most helpless of animals and caring for them like no other.  He was always willing to give a helping hand, whether that was giving his time, knowledge or helping someone out financially.   

Words cannot express the utterly amazing man he was.  He was my father, my champion, my encourager, my protector, my friend, my voice of reason and the best Papa anyone could have ever asked for!!  I will miss watching British movies with him, telling him about my day, listening to his advice, learning oddities, his life stories, and the continuous laughter that he brought every day.  I think that someone who brings out the best in you and still encourages you to be a better person is outstanding and rare.  He not only talked the talk, but walked it himself. He was filled with compassion and was always willing to listen.  Mentally, he was 80 years young, but oh so wise.   

A piece of my soul went with him and nothing will be able to replace the love that I have for him.  I am forever grateful to have had such an amazing father and to know the man he was.  He has positively touched so many lives over the years and has set an outstanding example of how to be more than a decent person. He will be forever missed.  

He picked out his own urn. He had it inscribed with “Love You All”.  I part in saying Love You Papa…yesterday, today, and forever!! 

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