Lillian Liester
Lillian Liester

Obituary of Lillian Jerroline Liester

Lillian J. Liester

World traveler and mother to 5 wonderful kids, Lillian Liester’s love for life didn’t come to
an end with her death. Lillian passed away on July 26th, 2022 at the young age of 79. Her
loved ones will continue to honor her legacy by living their lives to the fullest in the way she
would want them too.

Lillian raised her kids while giving them cultural experiences by doing this in 3 different
countries (Ireland, Italy, and the United States of America) including 4 different states within
the US (Colorado, California, Pennsylvania, and Washington).

The simplest pleasures in life brought great joy to Lillian. She loved to bake and cook for her
children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She was always making things from scratch
and when you came to visit her you were guaranteed a hug, a great home cooked meal, many
laughs, and to always hear a new story from the past.

Lillian is survived by her children David Foster, Anthony Aguirre, Tracy Aguirre, Robert Jr.
Liester, and Donald Liester. She is survived by numerous grandchildren and great
grandchildren as well.

The bee is more honored than any other animals ,
not because she labors ,
but because she labors for others,
-St John Chrysostom

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