Elaine Burke
Elaine Burke
Elaine Burke

Obituary of Elaine Cynthia Burke

Elaine Cynthia Burke 


So many things about our Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Cousin, Aunt, God Mother, Wife, and everything else in between….Elaine Cynthia Burke was made an incredible positive impact to everyone’s life who’s path she crossed.

She loved her family more than anything.

She made it a point to be in the loop with everyone so that the family stayed close. She was always an open ear, and good company. For her birthdays or holidays, she just asked that everyone was present, and that we enjoy each other’s company while we were together, whether we were blood family or not. She taught us all to live life through love.  Her home was always open to anyone anytime.

She loved to dance and boogie the night away. Whether it was the Hoffbrau House, Proof of the Pudding, outdoor and indoor bands anywhere or just at home, music gave her a light that she was able to share with everyone around her. She loved exposing everyone around her to music and how to take the time and just enjoy it.  Through dance, she met so many amazing people along the way, there was never a stranger on the dance floor.

She loved Michael Strahan. Because of her infatuation with Michael Strahan, her family bought her three copies of his books unplanned. She even purchased one herself.

Whenever his cut-out was at a major store, she would insist on going to that store and taking a photo next to his cut out as if she were his family.

We put together a picture collage of Michael Strahan just because she really admired the man he was and what he stood for.  And yes, he was extremely attractive.

When we would go to a place that served coffee, she would order her coffee as such, “I’ll take a Strahan, I like my coffee like I like my men…Hot and black” to which the server usually had no idea who he was, and we would just laugh and laugh. She always kept things light, happy, and full of laughter. 

On July 14th, 2022, Elaine passed at home unexpectedly. Though this came as a shock to all of us, we can assure you she did not suffer. She was such a light in all our lives and is terribly missed. 

Elaine was a loyal United States Postal Service employee for over 30 years. She loved her job, what it had taught her about navigating the city, and life skills, but most importantly, she made friends to last a lifetime.

She loved miniature poodles. She had many over the years that she just adored. Her final dog though, a Yorkipoo, who just stole her heart and filled it with all the extra love she could give. Sasha Joy was the perfect little girl for her during her last 4 years.

She loved Betty Boop, probably the red lip stick. Betty Boop had many collectibles, and it was easy for all of us of obtain these for her.  Elaine cherished each one of the collectibles that were given to her and that she had found herself.

Elaine captured feminine energy throughout her house and her life. She had many other collections, mini fancy shoes, stunning perfume bottles, and fell in love with the beauty of peacocks. Her taste was exquisite just as she was.

She was such a selfless woman, she helped those who were in need, donating to homeless shelters, animal shelters, and other charities where she felt her contributions would help the most people.  She also spent many years with the USPS programs to help under privileged children during the holidays.  She regularly volunteered her time, energy, and money to many organizations.  Elaine had an incredibly positive impact on all the charities she chose to support. She assisted with many food drives and would help with raising funds for breast cancer and Alzheimer’s research, all of which she would invite her family and friends to join her in the support.

She is an inspiration, to live your life through love, help those who need it, and most importantly, family is everything, love them endlessly. 

Think of her when you see peacocks and butterflies, when a song comes on that you just want to boogie down to. Remember her with smiles and laughter. She would not want anyone to be sad, for her life deserves to be celebrated, not mourned. Please take the time to tell us your favorite memories and stories of Elaine. Any photos you would like to share would be much appreciated.

She is survived by her children Angelina Hullum, Nickole Turilli, and John Wojtkowski. Her grandchildren A.J. Shannon, Sophia Turner, Tony Turilli, and Austin Turilli. Her siblings John Caballero and Beverly Vallegos.  She was proceeded in death by her amazing Dad, Leo Villegas and glamorous Mom, Maxine Vallegos – May they all rest in peace and be dancing the time away in glory.

We will be hosting a Celebration of Life, the date is September 24, 2022, time and location is currently to be determined. We will update everyone as soon as we have that information. 




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