Paula Bridwell-Klotz
Paula Bridwell-Klotz
Paula Bridwell-Klotz

Obituary of Paula Lea Bridwell-Klotz

Paula Lea Bridwell, beloved mother, loving wife, grandmother, and playful friend passed away suddenly in her sleep on December 4, 2021, at the age of sixty-five.

Paula was born to Garth Louis Bridwell and Helen Darlene White on December 14, 1955. Paula is the youngest of three siblings, survived by her sons Randy Lee Hose and Michael James Hose, sister Linda Meakins and her husband Daniel Russell Klotz.

Paula grew up in the Denver area where she attended and graduated from North High School. In her senior year she met Stephen David Hose. The two were married a year after graduation and welcomed into this world twin boys: Michael James Hose and Randy Lee Hose.

Paula’s greatest joys in her life were her twin boys, her love for the outdoors, fishing on the river or a lake, her “Daddy” Garth, and her husband Daniel. Paula’s heart was always in the mountains sharing time with wild animals, beautiful mountain drives and very memorable camping trips.

It was always Paula’s dream to live and work where her heart felt the most peaceful and happy, in Glennwood Springs, Colorado. Paula was blessed to realize this dream and lived in Glennwood Springs for many years. Early on in her working career, Paula worked as a Park Ranger and often reflected upon that experience as her most favorable job she ever had. She also worked as a manager of: The Hideout – Cabins & Campgrounds, Brettelberg Slopeside Hotel-Condo at Sunlight Mountain Resort. Paula found a way to make a living and a life doing what she truly loved.

Towards the end of her working career, she began working for Mountain Valley Developmental Services in the Columbine House. Paula found a role as a caregiver for beloved souls with developmental disabilities. This role proved to be the most challenging of all the roles she engaged in throughout her life. This role also proved to be the most suited for sharing her unconditional love and her kind heart with this world. Her heart was touched deeply by each of the souls she cared for, fed, bathed, and sat with at the end of their time on this earth.

In 2018 Paula married her longtime sweetheart Daniel Russell Klotz. The two first met back in 1985 and as fate would have it, they would marry thirty-three years later. Daniel waited for his “Sweetheart” all those years and when he saw his bride on their wedding day, the entire room could feel just how much he loved her with all his heart.

Paula gave to this world her unconditional love. Her beauty radiated outward with a smile that touched us all. She taught her boys about forgiveness, how to be brave and courageous, how to catch and clean a fish, how to laugh when you feel sad, and to never give up. She shared her unconditional love with her husband Daniel and her beautiful little puppy-Lyla.

One of her favorite songs: I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me

“I can only imagine What it will be like When I walk by Your side I can only imagine

What my eyes would see When Your face is before me I can only imagine”

Paula, Mom, Grandma, My “Sweety”:

You no longer need to imagine,

Surrounded by glory. You are Home. You are within each of our hearts. We love you very much,  and while are hearts are heavy without you. You are home now and each of us who you loved are  surrounded by your light. Family memorial services will be held in the spring of 2022. It was Paula’s wish to have her ashes spread in the Roaring Fork River in Glenwood Springs  where her “Daddies” ashes and her brother  David’s ashes have also been spread.

We Love You

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