Neil Bassett

Obituary of Neil J. Bassett

Neil J Bassett was born on January 12, 1955 in Johnson City, NY and died on December 17, 2020 at his home in Lakewood, Colorado.

He is predeceased by his parents Donald and Ursula Bassett of Vestal, NY. He is survived by his sister Patty Bassett Cannon, his brother-in-law Mike Cannon and nephew Charley Cannon of Golden, Colorado.

He grew up in Vestal, NY and lived there until after college when he moved to Cambridge and Boston to fix all manner of stereo equipment. He retired to Colorado to be near his sister Patty and her family.

He spend most of his early years being too smart for his own good, enjoying swimming, playing tennis and playing chess. He was an amazing swimmer and continued swimming for the rest of his life.

He was wizard of electronics and immersed himself in it throughout his life. His hearing was so sensitive that he could detect the slightest interference in a circuit. In his retirement he spent his time upgrading guitar amplifiers for fun and so he could keep creating new sounds for his guitar. He loved playing guitar and listening to music and wrote his own clever and witty and very entertaining songs.

He had a great capacity to think deeply and was very confident in his diagnoses of any problems that came to him. He was almost always right. He’d like you to know that. He had a very spiritual side and recognized and tried to follow a path of righteousness from the point of view of many different religions. He was wonderfully, complicatedly human.

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