Kathleen Johnson

Kathleen was born in Dallas, Texas in 1938.  She was the firstborn of Jack and Louise (née Brewer) Duniho.  Her father was a career Air Force officer.  Kathleen’s childhood included many adjustments to new duty stations in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Louisiana, Florida, Missouri and New York.  Five siblings ( Terence, Michael, Patrick, Sheila and Dan). followed as the family and her responsibilities increased as the oldest.

Terence pre-deceased Kathleen.  The other siblings survive Kathleen.  She had one child,  Christian Mohn, who also pre-deceased her.  Chris married Lena Mohn and they had Kathleen’s only beloved grandchild, Christian.

During the latter part of her life, she took on the care of two foster children for over 15 years, one of whom was severely disabled.  Her love and devotion for Jimmy and Amanda was true and sincere.

She graduated with honors from Ausable Forks High School in New York.  She also obtained a BA in Psychology later on.  Kathleen was a devout Christian and an accomplished pianist.  She loved beauty and expressed it through her passion for photography and hours spent doing intricate cross stitch.

Her lifetime held joy and love,  but also much pain and disappointment.  She was strong throughout and shared much of her observations in her writing.  She was meticulous in her grammar and spelling after having been an executive secretary for many years.  We are truly rejoicing that she is with her savior Jesus now, without the physical pain that afflicted her in the last few years.  We plan a memorial for the family and friends later when the surviving siblings can coordinate their schedules.