Our Pricing

We provide a wide variety of options for cremation and memorial services along with the trusted experience to help design a service that best fits your needs including:

Simple Cremation $1,495

Everything needed for cremation. Includes:

  • 24-hour staff availability
  • Removal of deceased into our care
  • Arrangement meeting with family
  • Preparation and filing of Death Certificate and obtaining cremation permit
  • Refrigeration until cremation
  • Cremation container used during cremation
  • Cremation at our crematory
  • Notification to Social Security
  • Filing for Veteran Benefits (if applicable)
  • Free online obituary
  • ​Basic urn
  • Scheduled delivery of cremated remains


Memorial Package $140
Includes 100 printed memorial folders, guest register book, and 50 thank-you cards.

Memorial Service $790
Includes use of church or chapel, 100 printed memorial folders, guest register book, and staff to coordinate and direct.

Casket Viewing with Cremation to Follow - $3,395
Includes: all items from our Simple Cremation, plus:

  • Embalming, preparation, dressing, and use of rental casket
  • Hearse transportation
  • 1-hour viewing and funeral service

Simple Viewing $725
A 1-hour viewing at our family gathering room. Includes embalming and dressing.

Brief Viewing $210
A brief viewing for 1-4 people with minimum preparation to the deceased.

If Cost is a Concern...

Please let us know. Those on Medicaid, Disability, Social Services, or without assets can often receive aid. We will refer you to agencies who can help.  

All-States Cremation also offers payment plans and assistance with filing life insurance claims.  For more information on these programs, please ask us.

We will never turn away a family who is truly in need.

The items described above are discounted packages available in addition to the itemized prices described on our General Price List.  General Price List available at our offices.