We take great pride in providing an exceptional level of compassionate and personalized care to ensure your arrangements will be as unique as your loved one. What makes us different from other funeral service providers is our ShareLife approach to funeral planning along with a wide variety of products and services outlined below.

What is ShareLife? 

ShareLife is a unique, comprehensive approach to funeral planning that ensures every life is honored and celebrated. Whether prearranging a funeral, planning a life celebration, or selecting permanent memorialization, ShareLife weaves together a variety of products, services, and options that transform a traditional funeral into a one-of-a-kind celebration focused on beautiful memories spanning a lifetime. ShareLife is not just one thing, it’s everything that we do to make your experience personal and memorable. 

ShareLife Prearrangement Planning

Our dedicated team of family service advisors can help you plan and prefund your funeral arrangements, ensuring your wishes are known and reducing stress and confusion for your family. Utilizing the ShareLife Personal Planning Guide, you can plan every aspect of your arrangements – from life celebrations to cremation or casketed permanent memorialization. The Personal Planning Guide captures and organizes all the information needed for your final arrangements and is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your family. 

Personal Touch Remembrance Products

An array of high-quality, personalized memorialization products is available to honor the life story of your loved one in a variety of unique ways. From fingerprint jewelry and photo blankets to portraits and memory books – even DNA preservation – we have options to help you and your family keep memories alive. 

ShareLife Arrangement Conference

Our arrangement conferences take place in a comforting family room environment to help you feel at ease and ensure everyone can fully participate in the planning process. The digital planning tools we use offer quick and easy access to all the available options, providing complete transparency into all products and services and their costs. 

Veteran's Funeral Specialist

The ShareLife Veteran’s experience begins when we’re given the sacred duty of taking your loved one into our care. This program is unique and provides the greatest respect and honor to our deceased Veterans. We use a patriotic cover for all Veterans taken into our care and offer a Veterans themed Honor Coach and flag retirement program. A variety of Veteran ShareLife multi-sensory themes are also available. 

Online Arrangements

Our online planning portal allows you to prearrange and pre-fund your funeral plans, or plan and pay for a funeral when you have lost a loved one. Whether you want to work with us in person, start the planning process online,
or complete the entire process on our website, we have an option for everyone. We know every family’s needs are different and want to make sure you have the opportunity to work with us in a way that works best for you. 


We offer all the services of a traditional funeral home but without all the extras and overhead that simply add costs. This focus on providing only what you need means you don't have to play high prices to receive the very best care when you've lost a loved one. Passing these savings on to you ensures you get the services you need and the value you want.